Californio Rawhide

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*Bosals with out a block are $5.00 less than one with a block.*

1/4" rawhide bosalita 12 plat 
3/8 Rawhide Bosalita 12 

5/16 rawhide Hackamore 12 plat with a heel block
3/8 rawhide Hackamore 12 platwith a heel block
1/2 Rawhide hackamore 12  a heel block.

5/8 rawhide Hackamore 16 platwith a heel block
3/4 " rawhide hackamore 16 plat $175.00 with a heel block

Hackamores, Bosals, & Bosalitas

All of these are made with a rawhide core, and have a good feel to them. These have both beauty and brawn. They are strong enough for the working cowboy, yet pretty enough to get attention at any roping event.  all hackamores come standard 11" from nost to heel. Bosalitas are 10" from nost to heel knot.