Californio Rawhide

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Mane Hair Mecate's and get down ropes. I am also able to take custom orders colors/patters. I also offer Color/pattern change mecates..

5/16"-15 ft mane hair get down  ($65.00)
1/4"-22ft mane hair mecate ($85.00)

5/16"-22 mane hair mecate ($85.00)

3/8"-22ft mane hair mecate ($90.00)

1/2"-22ft mane hair mecate ($95.00)
5/8-22ft mane hair mecate ($105.00)

3/4"-22ft mane hair mecate


All Mecates are made from 100% Quality Mane hair with a hair core. I carry the 6 strand however I can take orders for 4 strand and different lengths, in custom orders we can also do Mecates with no core.