Californio Rawhide

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call for availability & special orders. If you dream it we can do it!  All of these reins are made from hides of Cattle Farmed and Raised in the USA, I can also do reins in Kangaroo hide.

Romel and Rein options are :

Santa Yenez (split 2,3,or4)

16 plat

12 plat

8 plat

8 plat square Braid

Honda rein connectors

Rawhide reins and romal (ROMAL REINS)

These are made strong enough for the working cowboy, yet elegant enough for any futurity. All are made of rawhide, and some have options of kangaroo. Many sizes and styles. I can also do custom orders; different colors, buttons (California, Oklahoma, 60 Button, Ortega), and lengths. Please allow 6-12 weeks on all custom orders.